Generates servers in a few minutes

In less than 5 mins you can create your own 24/7 server.

  • Quick install
  • Fast boot optimization
  • S Optimized ressources usage

Rate-Limit Bypass System

We use a private proxy network to make requests bypass limitations.

  • Private proxy (100Gb/s)
  • 99.9% Request accepted (Redirects to another IP if it failed)
  • Http/Https/Socks5

Fast I/O Logic System

Our optimisation is I/O based and modified, that is a personnal technology of Nexcord developped to host a lot of server with a good speed

  • Servers are not slow even if all threads are taked
  • Subprocess are faster
  • Cpu are not counted in soft lock issues

Any Questions?
We Have Answers!

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We have a private contract with EthicalAds, our ad network. Tt's a private contract and not a random website such as Google Adsense, which allows us to live off our work, with dev-related advertisement that doesn't bother anyone!

Nexcord uses it's own infrastructure, which means we have our own datacenter server in our home (literally), with our own IPs, proxies, etc. Which allows us to keep the server running with great optimization!

Nope. Nexcord is free, everything is free, and we won't change it!

It's a choice. We believe that people deserve a free hosting service where they can host their project, to be able to learn and progress. We could make more by just selling our servers, sure, but we'd rather help people out!

Anything that is legal. We have rules, you cannot host game servers for example, resell our hosting, create proxies, VPNs etc.
You should also follow other services TOS, for example, you can't host a nitro generator Discord bot, simply because it would break Discord's TOS!

Be part of the future of Hosting

Host your bot, website, or anything else for free with Nexcord !